Va'a World Elite & Club Sprints 2016 Sunshine Coast Australia
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The Naturally Refreshing Sunshine Coast is host region and official destination partner for the 2016 Va'a World Sprints
Sunshine Coast Council
Sunshine Coast Destinations

Va'a World Sprints 2016 are presented by
Hawaiian Airlines

with the backing of major sponsors
Auther J Gallager
Hot Zinc FM Sunshine Coast

and official suppliers
Stay Oz
Team Elite Merchandise
Best Western Plus Oceanside Kawana

The 2016 IVF Va'a World Elite & Club Sprint Championships
are hosted by the Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association

Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association

on behalf of the International Va'a Federation
International Va'a Federation

Va'a Specifications


Twenty-Four V6's are currently being sourced for the Va'a World Sprints 2016. V6's will be Mirages. All canoes will be of matched design and weight with timber 'iako's and Comet ama's. The final competition race weight will be determined once all Va'a are identified and prepared for the event.


Length:13.71m, 45ft.
Loaded Waterline:11.48m, 37ft 8in.
Weight:All canoes will be weight matched. Indicative weight 165kg, 364lb.
Rigging:1780mm from center of 'iako pin (ama center line) to gunnel edge (no toe in).

mirage v6


Twenty-Four lightweight Carbon Fibre V1's are currently under construction for the Va'a World Sprints 2016. V1's are being built by Zulu Outriggers.

V1 Seat Specifications

Front Width: 33 cm
front width

Back Width: 34.5 cm
back width

Depth Front to Back: 26cm

Height from Hull: 21cm

Thickness: .75cm
Seat is only several layers of glass in thickness. It has a curled lip section at the front (as shown) and back but is not filled in. Paddlers wishing to secure adaptive seats to the bench seat with straps will need to use a board (which will be supplied) to fill in the gap under the seat so that frames will fit snugly underneath and not damage the seat by ratcheting the straps too tightly.


1400mm inside gunnel to inside gunnel.